Available projects

Topic ideas for BSc and MSc dissertations

This page includes a list of possible topics for dissertations and other projects. They are available for TUK students. Click on a project title for further information. If you are interested in any of these topics, or have ideas of your own, please contact us or register your interest.

Future citations among preprints

Much of scholarly communication involves exchange of preprints: drafts of articles that have not yet been peer-reviewed or published in an academic journal. In the last 30 years, preprints have been distributed electronically, especially on preprint databases such as arXiv, medRxiv, bioRxiv and SocArXiv.

Reinforcement learning for board games

This project focuses on learning strategies that help humans to improve their performance. Additionally, we will consider the problem of detecting non-human players. An initial focus will be the card game 6 nimmt!

Customer choice and identification to improve climate change

Green technology has many different shapes and forms. It is key requirement to understand the customer behaviour in order to optimise utility and replace more emissions. Feel free to reach out if the topic sounds interesting or if you have ideas related to this work.

Data safe havens, federated learning and other privacy-enhancing techniques

In order to answer questions like who is at higher risk of dying from Covid, how to improve treatment strategy or what are effective interventions for mental health. This requires to develop models and access data in way that minimises the risk of disclosing sensitive data.

Fault and efficiency prediction in high-performance computing

High use of resources are thought to be an indirect cause of failures in large cluster systems, but little work has systematically investigated the role of high resource usage on system failures, largely due to the lack of a comprehensive resource monitoring tool which resolves resource use by job and node.

Graph neural networks for ranking problems

Learning rankings from paired comparisons is a task widely applied in sports modelling, social network analysis, bibliometrics and recommender systems. Common approaches include generalized linear models such as the Bradley—Terry model, or eigenvector-based methods such as the PageRank algorithm.

Machine Learning to estimate the extinction risk of biodiversity at the local level: the Chilean case

Planet Earth is experiencing an environmental crisis and one facet of this crisis is the rapid extinction of species. Although we suspect general trends in species loss, much work remains to be done to get an overview of the risk of biodiversity extinction.

Other topics

More possible topic ideas.

Speaker identification from voice

The high fidelity identification of a person is crucial for a variety of security related issues. There has been a recent progress of doing so using techniques of image vision — this thesis aims at highly visible impact on a small training set with a twist.

Survival/time-to-event analysis

Survival/time-to-event analysis is an important field of statistics concerned with understanding the distribution of events over time. Survival analysis presents a unique challenge as we are also interested in events that do not take place, which we refer to as ‘censoring’.