Research assistant

Interested in advancing your data science or machine learning career? The DSA group is recruiting new research assistants (Hilfswissentschaftlern; “HiWis”) to work with us on several exciting projects. Positions are available immediately.

Essential skills

  • Demonstrable ability to undertake structured, independent and organized work
  • Can show initiative and reliability
  • Flexibility and enjoyment of working in a team
  • Positive & clear communication
  • Good command of English language in speaking and writing

Desirable skills

  • R, Python or (especially) Julia coding experience
  • software engineering, open source contributions, probabilistic programming


The positions offered here is related to any (or some combination) of the following research areas

  • causal events modelling
  • statistical software development
  • events forecasting
  • stochastic processes
  • cyber security
  • process mining
  • genomics, multi-omics and high-dimensional bio-medical data

Based on your experience and the fields described above, we will find the right challenge for you within this project. The structure of the work can also depend on what you want to get out of the project; it may comprise a self-contained work project for those seeking experience before going into industry, or it could form part of the work for a computer science MSc dissertation at TUK.

Day-to-day tasks may include any, or a combination of: wrangling data from different sources; writing, adapting and extending analysis scripts and statistical software packages; evaluating and benchmarking datasets and ML algorithms; collaborating with colleagues and external partners on integrating data or learning frameworks.

Work environment

You will join an exciting work environment in the field of AI and its beneficial applications.

  • Intelligent and dedicated colleagues who care about making a positive impact with their research
  • Working in a dedicated team
  • Good compatibility with studies
  • Flexible working hours
  • Working on varied tasks with the opportunity to learn new skills

If you would like to know more about this opportunity—both at PhD and at postdoctoral level—get in touch.

Sebastian Vollmer
Sebastian Vollmer
Professor for Applications of Machine Learning

My research interests lie at the interface of applied probability, statistical inference and machine learning.