Other topic areas

Image: DeepMind

Miscellaneous self-contained projects that do not necessarily belong to one of our main research streams. Recent additions include the design of intelligent AI assistants for research tasks, employing large language models such as ChatGPT.

Possible topics

  • An automated visualization grammar for exploratory data analysis
  • Assisted design of intelligent assistants and bots
  • Deep learning for choice modelling
  • Intelligent assistant for automated literature search
  • Journal recommender system for academic preprints
  • Machine learning to estimate the extinction risk of biodiversity at the local level
  • User interfaces for Julia programs

Further reading

  • Victor Dibia: “LIDA: A Tool for Automatic Generation of Grammar-Agnostic Visualizations and Infographics using Large Language Models”, 2023; http://arxiv.org/abs/2303.02927.
Sebastian Vollmer
Sebastian Vollmer
Professor for Applications of Machine Learning

My research interests lie at the interface of applied probability, statistical inference and machine learning.